Need help urgently… twenty ten theme/problems with extern hosted images

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    I have a real problem. I use the twenty ten theme since today and I love it so far.

    But there is one real problem. Today I upload all my images to my blog but in the past I did upload them extern on other image hosts like photobucket… and here comes the problem… just one example of many broken blog posts on my blog:

    As said the problem is on all my very old blog posts when I uploaded my images still to image hosts.

    The problem does not relate to my newer and modern blog posts as I upload to the blog webspace since some time.

    Is there any problem with the twenty ten theme? It will be a massive amount of work if I download all images from the older blogposts, to upload them to my blog and to change the code in each post. I hope I dont have to go through this horror.

    Can somebody explain why the photobucket hosted image does not minimize to the width of the middle column like images which are uploaded to wordpress?

    The blog I need help with is


    no idea anybody?



    We can’t help you with any externally hosted images. We can help only with images uploaded onto servers that are found in your Media Library.



    This image is HUGE!
    1,024px × 768px (scaled to 765px × 574px)


    Ok but my last theme called parament was able to scale extern images as well. Thought this would be possible with the twenty ten theme as well.



    Sorry but I don’t know how to assist so I tagged this thread for Staff help. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.


    okey thanks.


    I did upload all the images to the blog webspace so that the error is not there anymore. It was a lot of work but anyway good to have all images in one place.

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