Need help urgently…please!!!

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    I hope someone can point me in the right direction here…im a complete novice when it comes to all this online “lingo” so please bare with me and i hope it all makes sense…

    Ive recently purchased a domain ( im in South Africa) through a site called Host Cow.
    The original intention was to map the domain to my WordPress blog, and in order to do this the WordPress step-by-step guide to mapping a domain said the DNS settings on the registrars system needs to be changed to the DNS settings prescribed by WordPress.

    During the purchase of the domain i was given an option to change the DNS settings so i changed it according to the recommended DNS settings on the WordPress site.

    However, when i try to map my domain to WordPress blog it comes back with a message saying it cant map ???

    I spoke to my domain registrar ( Host Cow) and they suggesed that i get in contact with WordPress and ask them to create a reference for my domain on their servers….apparently once this is done they will be able to recognise my

    How do i get in contact with someone at WordPress for them to create this domain reference on their servers???

    Please Help!



    You need a zone record added for your domain name.

    I will flag this for staff attention based on the theory that you will post the domain name you need the zone record added for.



    Can you please tell us exactly what the domain name is?



    Will you also confrim exactly which blog you want to domain map from to the domain, which Staff don’t have the link to as yet?



    Apologies….domain name is

    @ macmanx, i also posted this query on the support forum and thank you for your reply there!

    I tried the link you posted to the mapping an existing domain guide and it still didnt work…? Does it usually take some time for the changes to take place?

    The wordpress blog i want tomap to is
    i still a ‘fresh’ blog with no posts to it yet etc…im planning on purchasing a developer template to use with the domain



    No need for the URL. We just need the domain itself to enter a zone record in the system.

    Once a zone record exists in our system, they’re mapped just like any normal domain.

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