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    I am new to WordPress and I am confused. Surprized, right ?! Let me start by letting you know that I want to use WordPress for my Blog/Website for right now. I do alot of photography and want to use wordpress to showcase my photos and info. I’m not sure if you would call that a photoblog or what ? I just need to know the first step I need to do to get me going in the direction I need to get this started. I have read and watched some tutorials, but I’m still soooo confused & lost. If I could just get started going I would be okay.

    I have already created an account and picked out a not so interesting theme for now. So now I dont know what my next step is towards getting it all set up.

    I would like my blog to resemble one of the following :

    So, Can anyone please be so kind to help me get to where I am trying to go here with this ? I would be so very grateful !

    The blog I need help with is



    Well, one of those blogs is so big it froze my browser and the other has autoplay music, so I’d have to suggest to you that neither of them are really very good blogs.

    That said: neither of them are blog, and both of them are single-column themes with an enormous single column. We have no theme like that here. IF and only if you knew CSS well you might be able to code something like that to work with one of the existing themes, but if you don’t already know CSS well, you will not be able to do this. There is NO official support for CSS, which means if you ask a question, nobody from staff will answer. And there are very few volunteers here in the forums who know CSS. You could wait forever.

    My advice is to choose a clean white theme with a customizable header like the Journalist, Vigilance, or 2010 and go from there.


    Or a theme with a no-sidebar option; see here:


    In addition to the themes listed above, you may want to check out Under the Influence, since it has a customisable header and the width of the main column can be adjusted without the CSS upgrade. I have the width set relatively small on my photoblog (linked in username) to reduce pageload times and to be compatible with smaller screen sizes, but I’ve seen photoblogs with it set a lot wider, if that is the look you are going for.


    Well I dont have to have mine just like those I gave an example in above, but you kinda get the picture. I do however want to have the tabs up top and when you hover your mouse over it the it gives you a drop down. Can you tell me how to do that ?



    Just pick one of the themes here that does that. You need to have sub-pages in existence for the drop-downs to take effect in the first place.

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