Need help with a drop down menu options on my Blog?

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    Towards the top of my page I have Home, A Little About Me, and I heart Products. I want to be able to put a drop down menu on the I Heart Products Menu so I can group my baby product reviews, product reviews, and all other reviews. Is there a way I can put reviews up without them posting right away? Or should I just stick with posting them and putting them in a specific category.
    I just fear that there are some people that will read my blog and they will not be interested in the baby lotion review. How do I get those reviews put under another menu.

    Any help would be so helpful.

    Thank You.

    The blog I need help with is



    my baby product reviews, product reviews, and all other reviews

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    I actually gave you some options in the other thread you started on this general subject. Have a look at what I offered.

    To have maximum flexibility over the menus and how they are arranged, you will need to use a custom menu. You can then organize your pages and such into dropdowns as needed.


    I am not looking for advertisers for my site. I just wanted to organize it a little.

    I might have to change my theme because it is not working with custom menus. I am going to keep trying this evening. Thank you for your help.


    All themes except Monotone support the Custom Menu widget, and all themes with header tabs support custom header menus. So you don’t have to change the theme you’re using. What exactly are you trying to do?


    I finally got it. Thank you so much for the help. I was forgeting to do one little thing.

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