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need help with conflicts on searches

  1. i have an old blog. i changed my name to xwatcherx i thought all my stuff would transfer over it didnt. i then fixed it by reposting everything on the new blog but im still having conflicts from the old blog. it doesnt list yet keeps showing up as a conflict. im not sure what to do exactly. any thoughts on how to handle it?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What is the URL of the old blog? What kind of "conflict?"

  3. i keep trying to get my old connections like to facebook etc to link out, they wont. they are linked to the old blog. the old blog is dead.
    is the new blog.
    is the old blog.
    all my old followers dont have my new blog connections either which i want to fix but i also cant seem to fix that either.
    its all quite frustrating i just want the one blog. the new one.

  4. Staff have been telling people that your followers etc all get ported over to the new URL smoothly, but that is NOT what I am seeing in reports from users like yourself. I have flagged this thread for staff attention, so wait till one of them replies here with a solution for you.

  5. It looks like you created a new blog for, so you will need to set up all of your settings including your Sharing settings for Facebook, etc.

    We are aware of an issue where followers are not being transferred when a blog is renamed; at this point the issue has not be resolved.

  6. i did that and it has resolved part of it. however it is still not showing my picture for instance on gravatar no matter how i have transferred it. my followers arent seeing the change either. so i have tried unfollowing and refollowing now that i made my new blog the primary blog but it was not the primary blog. the old dead one was. so its still an issue. i hope that as you go this helps fix the issue as a whole.

  7. The Gravatar issue was entirely unrelated to this. As it turns out, you had rated your Gravatar as R, meaning most people would not have been able to see it. I've changed it to G, which means it should start showing up on blogs and in the forums.

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