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    Hi there. I just purchased the Portfolio theme and while I love the look of the sample WordPress features, my site looks nothing like it — at least not yet.

    I just had my newly designed word mark sent to me. I have TIF and EPS files. I would like to feature it in the upper left hand corner – just as Portfolio itself features the word “Portfolio”.

    Where under Appearance do I go to insert this?

    Secondly, the image that you currently see of a traffic jam should appear much larger – just as the image in the Portfolio sample does – but it doesn’t. I ordered this (and a few other images like it) from the City of Ottawa archives and I’m told there should be no problem size or resolution-wise in achieving the look that Portfolio presents as its main image (the rhinos).

    I know nothing about graphic design sepal but the archivist said this:

    The images are standard size for web (600 pixels on the long dimension).

    The graphic designer who did my word mark said this should pose any problems in achieving the look that Portfolio presents.

    So WHY is my image so small?

    Also, I like the way this website (that uses Portfolio theme) has different images that fade in and out. Could someone please tell me how I can achieve that treatment?

    I also nee to know how to feature the three secondary images at the bottom but my primary challenge right now is inserting my word mark in the upper left and making sure my main homepage image is as large as the sample version of Portfolio.

    Thanks for whatever advice you can send my way!


    The blog I need help with is


    Update: I figured out how to insert my word mark. But I’m confused as to why logo and “feature slider” are lumped together. If I upload the JPG for my logo, I don’t seem to have the ability to upload a separate file for the feature slider (is the feature slider not the main photo image on the homepage)?

    And what if I want to feature 3 or 4 images to take advantage of the animation/fade/slideshow? How do I upload those?

    Thanks, everyone.


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