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Need help with domain mapping

  1. I currently own but I want my blog to BE my new web site. So I purchased the credits for domain mapping within Options > Domains. I also followed the FAQs help for renaming my nameservers to ns1.wordpress, etc.

    However, I'm running into a couple problems.

    1. I previously had content up on and when I clicked "put blog here" in Options > Domains, when I went to I still was seeing the old content. So I tried going to and it redirected my to with the old content (not my blog which is what I thought would happen). So...the problem here is that I'm seeing the old content, not my blog, when I go to How do I correct that so when I enter I actually see the content on

    2. Now the second problem happened from me thinking I knew what to do. Obviously not. :) I think I may have screwed it up even more. (I'm laughing at myself for being so stupid.) So I went into my hosting account FTP and removed the old content from Well now I just get an error that there is nothing there. What can I do now?

  2. I know no one has replied yet, but I have more information.

    Now my site is loading with what looks like my blog, but the main page is delivering a 404 error, but the other pages are fine.

    here is the site url: if you want to check it out

  3. pipp,

    i went to your site, and i got your blog with 2 entries on the main page (the hours and the spring fling). Is this not what you're seeing?

    Try clearing your cache, etc.

  4. thanks! i'm gald that was so easy. :)

  5. no problem :)

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