Need Help with Domain Name transfer and renewal

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    Someone registered on iPage and no longer wants to maintain the website and has transferred it to me. I don’t want to use the software that was used; I’m starting over from scratch using a wordpress template. I had problems using the template I chose on iPage so I tested using it on and everything works.
    It would be simplest to register another domain name on wordpress. I tried but someone parked it on godaddy and no way will I pay to use it. I do not want to keep the website that is – just the domain name, but I’m uneasy about how to use it on wordpress even though I think I’ve found a “how to” on iPage.
    Also, if I figure out how to accomplish that, is there an additional charge from iPage or wordpress?
    And when it’s time to renew the domain name, can that be done without much difficulty through wordpress?
    Again, I’m tempted to just go with another domain name to make it easier, so would that be best? If I choose another domain name, I have the advantage of keeping the original website going until I’m ready to publish the new one on wordpress.
    Sorry – lots of questions!

    The blog I need help with is

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