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Need help with excerpt/thumbnails

  1. Hi,
    I want to use the "Thumbnail for Excerpts" plugin,
    that automaticly finds the first image of in my post, and then makes an thumbnail off this image.
    It only works if I use excerpts() in the index.php-file (so not content()).

    But here's the problem:
    If I use excerpts, the "read more" links on the home page disappear.
    It is set to [...] as a standard, and off course I could change this and make a it read-more-link,
    but I don't want it to cut my posts after 55 words.
    I want to be able to choose myself were to cut my post (with a <!--more--> for ex.)

    Anyone can help me?
    Thanks in advance!

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  3. @rupertreven
    Please read these entries > No FTP access to blogs > No plugins >

    We can manually insert "the more tag" into each and every post or page where we want the text to split >
    We cannot edit templates and cause an automatic content split in every post as you suggest above.

    The Inuit Types theme will provide an automatic excerpt extraction and display of the beginning of posts. We can override that and specify which 55 words (in your case) we wish to display on the front page by entering the selected excerpt into the excerpt box below the editor box.

    Although the Twenty Ten theme does not provide automatic excerpts like Inuit Types does, the excerpt box is "alive" on that theme so we can enter the selected excerpt into the excerpt box below the editor box as described above.

  4. Lastly, if you do not wish to change the blog linked to your username from the Unaleepable Theme to another theme (see above) and you do not wish to manually insert "the more tag" into each post to split content, then you will need to hire a web host and get a wordpress.ORG install which you can install a plugin into that will do this automatic 55 words for you. See >

  5. OOPS! I see this above "which 55 words (in your case)" and I meant to type "which 55 words (or more in your case)". Sorry ...

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