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Need help with home page/logo

  1. Can I insert an image (logo) in the blog name? I am using a theme that allows for custom headers, but can't figure out if it is possible to change the size of the header and it is too big for my logo. Either option would work.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The blog visibility is private. We do not have a clue which theme you are referring to and all CSS editing is theme specific.

  3. Many themes have custom image headers that logos can be inluded in.
    None allow for (1) inserting an image (logo) in the blog name and (2) changing the size of the header without purchasing an annually renewable custom design upgrade and doing the required CSS editing.

  4. @vickyjunge, at the very least we need to know which theme you are using to tell you exactly what your options are, but what I can tell you it will require the custom design upgrade to do it. There may be some other suggestions that we could make though that might get you close to what you want if we know what theme you are using.

  5. Also, what are the pixel dimensions of the logo image?

  6. theseattleswim

    I am having the same issue - I'm using Adventure Journal and would like to use a personalized logo in the headline. Is there that option?

  7. @theseattleswim, Custom Design Upgrade.

  8. I am using coraline

  9. I can give you the code to add to a text widget to move it up and to the left of the site title, but with Coraline being a reactive design that adjusts depending on the width of a browser window or the display it is viewed on, I can't "fix" it in relationship to the rest of the page elements. A few themes here have a declaration in the main container section of the CSS that allows this sort of relocation of a text widget to work, but unfortunately Coraline does not. The logo would also shift up or down in relationship to the rest of the page content depending on whether you were logged into wordpress or not.

    Until I knew which theme you were using I couldn't say one way or the other how successful we could be with the text widget trick.

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