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    Hi, how do I make my Titles bolder and a bit larger? I tried the tag

    Walking Dogs

    but the font was not big enough.

    I want to make the font 30px high, color:red, and bold. Should I use:

    <h1 style=”font-family:Arial;”>Walking Dogs</h1>


    <p style=”font-family:arial;color:red;font-size:30px;”>Walking Dogs</p>

    I am learning HTML but I am stumped as to the order if I want: bold font, font to be red, Arial font, and 30px in size.

    I appreciate any help with this.



    Actually this HTML below is exactly what I want but i just want it to be “bolder”. How do I do this?
    Where would I insert the <b></b> tags? Thanks.

    <p style=”font-family:arial;color:red;font-size:30px;”>Walking Dogs</p>


    Hi! Within the style parameter there you could add


    That will create bold, red, Arial text at 30px.



    Andrew. Awesome! Thanks for that. I’m learning a lot about HTML thank to you! :) One other quick question.

    I have a title in my post and then a paragraph, then another title. The space between the paragraph before the next title is too close. If I hit return it does not add any space.

    How do I add some space between a paragraph and the next title?



    This is the way I get a hard line feed, paste it in when in html mode, it will survive switching from Visual to/from html mode, a bit crude but works for me:
    ‘<br class=”blank” />’



    Thanks panaghiotisadam. I read those through. very informative.

    Thanks auxclass. Looks good, so how do you know how much space that will give you? Do you just paste the code for as many lines of space you want?


    You’re welcome. Auxclass’s solution adds a fixed amount of space (one extra paragraph break); pasting the snippet twice will give you twice that space and so on. That’s why it was called “crude”. The suggestions in my post are all minutely adjustable.



    OK, thanks panaghiotisadam that makes sense. I will try both methods and see what works best in the situation.

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