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    Hi guys,

    I am new to this exciting but technical new world of blogging. Discovered wordpress only a few weeks ago and can’t believe such a service is completely free of charge. :)

    Now to the purpose of my post. I have recently setup my blog in a website styled fashion using the “spring loaded” theme and need help with my custom navigation menus.

    The”Home” page by default is automatically setup as the main blogging page when the site loads. I want to change that so the blogging functionality is enabled on the “JOSEPH STEELE INTERVIEW” page i.e. with sub menus/sub blogs so as to cater for a variety of video interview features. For the time being I have setup the Joseph Steele Interview section as a page rather than a post. Since the maximum number of wordpress pages is limited to 10 this isn’t an ideal solution. Hope this makes sense to you? Any help to rectify/achieve wnat i want to do will be greatly appreciated.

    On a slightly different note, is it possible to have posts appear as oldest first?

    Many thanks,


    The blog I need help with is



    Let’s take these in reverse order.

    Chronological order: Yes, it’s possible, but unless your blog is an actual book with chapters, it’ll annoy and disorient the vast majority of readers.

    You cannot convert Pages to Posts. You CAN change where the actual posts land; that is, you can change the URL of the place they land on; you do that under Dashboard->Settings->Reading.

    Where it says:

    Front page displays:

    – Your latest posts

    – A static page (select below)

    * Front page:
    * Posts page:

    For the bottom one of those, you want to select JOSEPH STEELE INTERVIEW although why you’d want all your posts to go there, unless all your posts are joseph steele interviews, is beyond me.

    Note that you can’t have blogging functionality on more than one page. Ever.



    I forgot to say that the Chronological order posting should be done this way:



    Hi Raincoster,

    Many thanks for the swift response. Most of what you said went abit over my head. Have to appreciate I am not as tech savvy as most but i will give it a try.

    Apologies if what i did not communicate my needs in the most effecient manner so I will give it another try.

    I want to create a wordpress site with a static home page and a seperate page for all my blogs. This page/post will contain all my video interviews so for example, i will have a section/page named featured artists so with blogs featuring around 15 video interviews including the joseph steele interview. Currently this feature come as standard with the default home page but i want to swap that functionality to a different section thats all.

    About to grab some lunch now. When i am done i will give your instructions a go and report back.




    Well, there’s a simpler way to do that. Just, when you write posts, use an appropriate category or tag, and put that category widget or tag cloud widget in your sidebar. Then, when people want to see all your videos, for instance, they click on Video in the sidebar and all your posts with Videos come up. You can use the person’s name as a tag or category as well.

    Set a static home page by first creating a static page, then going to Settings->General->Reading and selecting the static page as the “landing page” of the blog. You have to create the static page before you can select it there, obviously.

    Then you don’t have to change anything else.



    Currently editing the site. I cannot seem to implement my requirements. Take a look if you’re still online.

    I dont want to use category widgets as a solution. :(



    Why not?



    Can you kindly delete this thread. It seems to be appearing on google search.

    many thanks for your help.



    No, nobody can delete the thread. Why would you want it deleted? Forum threads are supposed to remain in case other people have the same questions.

    If you want your blog to be on top of google searches for your name, just blog more. This thread has nine entries. With nine posts, you’d blow it away.

    By the way, if what you want is page tabs to go to the category pages, that’s doable on some themes but not others. See these instructions:

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