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    I’m trying to put a set of four navigation links below the date of a post, but above the chapter title.

    “First Chapter” far left
    “Prior Chapter” left of center
    “Next Chapter” right of center
    “Newest Chapter” far right

    I would like to also duplicate the same navigation links below the chapter, but above the “Leave a Reply” section.

    I’m guessing that I should be able to do this with CSS somehow, but I am hesitant to touch it without at least a bit of guidance.

    The blog I need help with is


    CSS is a styling document the browsers use to place and style the elements of a web page. It cannot be used to add functionality not already in the theme.

    You could use an HTML table at the top of the content area, below the title, and then repeat that at the end of the content. Here is the code for a simple 4-column, 1-row HTML table you can try out. I set each cell to have a 25% width and the overall table has a 100% width.

    <table border="0" bordercolor="#FFFFFF" style="background-color:#FFFFFF" width="100%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="3">
    		<td style="width: 25%;">First Chapter</td>
    		<td style="width: 25%;">Prior Chapter</td>
    		<td style="width: 25%;">Next Chapter</td>
    		<td style="width: 25%;">Newest Chapter</td>

    There are a number of online HTML table generators, but many of them use depreciated or obsolete code. I got the above (with the exception of the 25% width cell code) at: .

    Although some CSS trickery can be used to move the table up above the post title, with a responsive width theme such as you are using, it can be tricky to get it all to work cleanly on all the different screen widths from a smart phone all the way up to a desktop monitor.



    Appreciate the assistance. I will play with this later today and see how good I can break it. :)



    Actually I found a really simple way to do it, not even using buttons.

    Might not have the glitz of fancy buttons, but it’s clean and neat.

    Simple links at the top and bottom of each page, aligned right. I imagine they should work perfectly for any device that respects align messages, and they will always be next to the text because, well, they are part of the text.

    Thank you for helping a WordPress Noob learn a bit today, even if what you were teaching isn’t exactly what I learned!

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