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Need help with new domain

  1. My name is Rebecca!
    I am new to blogging!
    I decided to get my own domain to help get the name out there!
    However, I am running into some problems...
    they are asking me from some code verification and some new password etc.
    When I try to look up my blog on google it shows the wordpress url and not the .org one.. why is this so? I want to be known by the .org site!
    Do I also get any other benefits from having a domain name with

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Sorry, what I meant was: !

  3. so have i paid for domain mapping???
    i am so lost.
    i want to show up on google lol!
    that is my site.
    i have a learning disorder and have trouble understanding some shit lol.

  4. I don't know if you've paid for it or not. HAve you?

    What is the url for your blog?

  5. also i tried to log in on that management website but the verrification failed o.o'

  6. i have paid but i dont know if the pay has processed. that authentication thing didnt work =/


  8. Okay. When you go to it maps to a blog. So it looks like you've paid for domain mapping and it's working.

  9. then why wont it show up on google as!
    search for 'puglover' and you will know what i mean!

  10. It takes Google up to six weeks to index a new URL. Be patient.

  11. oh awesome! thankyou for that! either way i am still happy that my website is high up on google search!
    i have already noticed an increase of traffic! thanks wordpress! thanks raincoaster! thanks rosclarke!

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