Need help with quality of graphics

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    I uploaded some simple graphics that I made using Word and Paint. The text in the Word originals are sharp, slightly fuzzy when copied into Paint, more fuzzy but still legible when uploaded as a gif, png, or jpg file, and barely legible when viewed in a post or page.

    Any suggestions about graphics software (preferably free or shareware) that I can use to make simple graphics that will look more like the original when viewed in a post or page?

    I would also be interested in high-end graphics generating software, if that is what is will take.

    Thanks, Ben



    I use Adobe Photoshop Elements for almost all of my graphics. Not free, but not expensive, either.

    And having your email address on that page is an invitation for spammers.



    Regardless of what software you use, diagrams such as the one in your post will always look better as a PNG or GIF file than as a JPG. JPG is much better for photographs, but not well suited to line drawings.



    Thanks, I’ll use png until I can get my hands on Photoshop Elements.

    – Ben



    There are many programs which you can use to optimize images. These rae the ones Mark has supplied in the FAQs.

    Packages such as Photoshop / Paint Shop Pro will do it, but there is no need to spend money on doing this. These are free:
    You can also click on my username and find the page titled Resource Links and then look under images and image tools to find others.
    HTH and happy blogging. :)



    That’s right, Timethief. I’ve been working with images for years and although I’ve used PaintShop Pro in the past, I’m now a firm fan of IrfanView (free download at

    It’s free, supports nearly all file formats, and it’s constantly being updated.

    One feature I use a lot is the screenshot (capture) function (Ctrl-F11).

    It can come in handy if you want a record of how a news site (or even a forum page) looked at a particular moment in time.

    One tip on manipulating jpg images – you can make as many changes as you want from an original image in IrfanView – resize, crop, rotate, compress, enhance colours … – but try to do each step in just one step. For example, if experimentation shows that you want a Gamma correction of 0.45 for a photo, go back to the original and do it in one shot, rather than as 0.9, 0.5. Same with cropping – always do it from the original. Then, most importantly, only save the new file once, when you’re done.

    This is because each ‘file-save’ operation results in a loss of jpg image quality. Keep those save steps to an absolute minimum.

    This is why I love IrfanView – you can do all the image manipulation live on screen, and it’s undoable at every stage. Finish the job and then save only once, right at the end.

    Good luck !


    I have been reviewing answers and tried to download the free software and I am having a problem with the downloading. For example, I am choosing IrfanView again, so what mac application to use for IrfanView download for photo optimization?


    I have tried to download the following in order to optimize a photo: – Irfanview
    – Picasa
    – GIMP
    – Photofiltre
    – FastStone
    – Pixia

    And everyone requests for me to choose an application. I have a MacBook Pro and I am not sure which application to choose. Any mac users out there have a suggestion?

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