Need help with site hits.

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    Hey, a concered WordPresser here.

    I have outreached to other blog owners around the country/globe/ who knows? We’re all anonymous! Anyway, for over a year now I have run my blog, which is a glitch site for the popular online game “Club Penguin”. I have now started to team up with other blogs in order to spread the word of mine; it’s not working. While my site is improving, competition is also getting better. Here is something that happened to my blog:

    Twas my first day or two on WordPress, and I had made my first post. This post attracted 56 comments in a manner of days/weeks/ etc. I thought to myself, “Wow! This is great!” so I went to learn more about features on WordPress. Then there was the “Presentation” tab at the top of my dashboard. Well, being myself I clicked it to see what I could do. I set up a new theme for my blog and guess what happened? My Meta got taken off of my Widgets. Being such a noob (as many call it.) I did not know how to log in and left the site hopelessly for several months.

    I returned… at about April this year. My blog hits went up the thousands, but I am still dissapotined compared to many other blogs. So as you can tell, my melancholy face would be brightened if I could have some tips on how to make a great blog. All tips would be appreciated!


    Now, a vocabulary lesson for parents who need to know what ‘noob’ is.

    Noob= new player or user to a certain website, MMORPG, etc. They can also be called:

    Newb, Nub, Noobish, Nubby. (Weird huh?)


    You can log in here: and then go to presentation and put the metawidget into your sidebar.

    As far as blog promotion, I would take a look here: , Timethief has put together some great resources on the issue.



    Now, a vocabulary lesson for parents who need to know what ‘noob’ is.

    You think kids on CP are the only ones familiar with the word noob?!




    Kid, we were using “newbie” and “newb” when you weren’t even a gleam in your daddy’s eye. All you chilluns did was spell them wrong.


    digitalzen, if that’s not on a t-shirt yet it needs to be ;)




    You can also always sign in to your account from the page . From there, it’s easy to get to the blog.

    That you’re back after a layoff of months is very encouraging. CP must be even bigger than I had thought, and more forgiving. It’s a good position for you to be in, but don’t spend too much time playing with the Presentation, because people like it when a blog looks the same from day to day.



    I don’t update my Presentation to much, I usually only do it on these events:

    Vernal Equinox
    Summer Solstice
    Fall (Autumnal) Equinox
    Winter Solstice

    unless I am completely bored and want to get on my WordPress. Thanks for the tips. Especially Time Thiefs.



    You’re welcome. :-)



    New Brunswickers were called “newbies” about half way through the Old Testament. Apparently Job thought they were “kewl” :P.



    Happy Winter Solstice! Let the days get longer… Jenny08

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