Need Help with the domain name on (why is the topic closed?)

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    I try it again.

    Question: In my domain name there is the name of a company included. As they are more restrict now I have to change the domain to delete the brand name in it.

    Is it possible to change the domain on wordpress[.]com or is this just possible by using a premium account (and then mapping it to a “normal” Domain)?

    thanks a lot!


    The blog I need help with is


    Member is no longer available. The authors have deleted this site.

    Eaxctly which blog URL starting with http:// are you referring to?



    Hi sharingexperte,

    You can change your address by following the instructions here:

    If you want a custom domain, you can register a new one following the instructions below, and map it to your existing site:



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    The new blog adress (with the same content from the ol) is

    is there any possibility to get a redirect (302) from teh old adress to the new drivegutschein…? This would be great for google.



    ups, it was the wrong username. So here Again

    the new Blog Adress is:

    The Content is the same from the old adress. I need a Redirect from the old site to the new drive….

    Is this possible even if I allready deleted the old WP Blog Domain? Would be nice for Google. If its not possible, is there any advise how I can get back my Google Status (was on second place, now it is on 4th page : /



    When you change your blog’s address, you’re going to see a temporary drop in search engine rankings. Eventually Google and the other search engines will reindex your site and as you continue to add new content, you should see the same results (or better!) in time.

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