need help/advice to rdelete old version of blog from Google’s cache

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    I’m having trouble with the infamous “Google cache” and hope you all may be able to provide the guidance I can’t seem to find elsewhere…keep running into roadblocks everywhere else I’ve turned.

    About 10 days ago, to my great surprise and consternation, I discovered that a small, anonymous (so I thought) blog I began on WordPress a while back to record and keep track of some personal information, which had few posts, virtually zero traffic besides myself and no “in-pointing” links was being returned as the top 2 search results in a Google search for a particular term; this term happens to be my WordPress “username” and therefore is the URL of my blog ( The “term” is a completely random, obscure Spanish word that I happen to use as an anonymous online handle.

    My understanding of Google’s search methodology was that results appeared based on their “relevance” as determined by the number of links pointing to that page. With no links pointing to my page, I assumed my little online journal would be relatively invisible online. (I know, I know – no such thing as privacy on the internet.) Once I discovered the error of my assumption, I immediate took steps to make my blog less accessible, privacy protected, search engines blocked, etc.

    It’s been 10 days since I made most of these changes, and yet Google continues to return my blog as the #1(URL) and #2 (cached page) results for a search of this term (as if the search results themselves are “saved” and not being generated anew with each search…?)

    I’m assuming that it’s the exact match of the search term and my URL/username that is causing the blog to appear so high up in Google’s results, and there’s nothing I can really do about that as long as I keep that URL in WordPress.

    But beyond figuring out Google’s methodology, trying to remove the results from Google – especially the cached page! – in order to return my private postings to relative obscurity is proving difficult. The Googlebot seems to have cached my site on Jul 3 2007, and that’s where I’m having problems. I’ve read that the “Google cache is forever”, and am looking for assurance that that is NOT indeed the case!

    I’ve done some research on the Google cache and taken some steps to be removed from Google results, but nothing I’ve done seems to have any impact on any new search I try.

    Here are some things I have already done, to no avail as far as it impacts the Google search result :

    (1) removed all the content from the blog itself, just leaving a blank title page
    (2) used Google’s web removal tool to request they remove the URL from their search results; the status of my request is “removed”, but my (now empty) blog is still appearing as the #1 result in a search; the Jul 3 cache version is #2
    (3) changed the blog privacy options via my WordPress Dashboard to block Search engines
    (4) tried following Google’s instructions to embed <META NAME=”ROBOTS” CONTENT=”NOARCHIVE”> in the blog page header to prevent search engine caching. Not sure if inserting this HTML code into the template title field in the WordPress author tool actually works, though. (title field was the closest I could get to the top of page, I thought)
    (5) made a second request today (10 days later) using the Google web removal tool to request the cache version be removed and this was denied – they don’t specify the reason, but a possible reason given is that a multiple request exist for this URL; in this case, I’ll never be able to get Google to remove it – my inital request “locks” me out

    Out of desperation, I am about to delete the entire blog in WordPress, but fear this may actually worsen the problem and cause the cached page to never go away…if I can not get the cached page removed via request or some other method, it seems my only hope is to wait for the Googlebot to roam back to the URL (now empty blog page) again (in weeks? months?) to create an updated cache page (this time without the content.) However, if I delete the blog entirely, I will never have access to that URL again and am afraid I will have no recourse, having lost ownership of the URL/username in WordPress. Also afraid there will never be an opportunity for an updated cache of the page to be created to “override” the current one.

    can anyone tell me if my hunch on this is correct? or am I clingling to a flimsy hope that the cache page will “disappear on it’s own”? can anyone advise?

    Any experience/suggestions on getting Google to remove a cached page (without the requirement that the page return a 404 error)?

    any advice much appreciated. sorry for the length/detailed question, but wanted to be clear on what my dilemma was/what I had already tried unsuccessfully.



    I really, honestly believe that you are out of luck. Even if Google deletes it, will still have it. The only way you can get them to delete it is to write and beg them, and you’ve got a far less than 5% chance of success.



    thanks for your quick reply, raincoaster. yes, I fear you are right. I’m really only concerned with Google results, though. I don’t like the fact that anyone curious about the english translation of my email alias immediately is directed to months-old writing of a personal nature. If anyone wants to take the trouble to look in I’m not concerned about that.

    what’s your take on whether I should delete my URL, or leave it up – and perhaps re-purpose the blog – in hopes an updated cache page will be created? Is the cache schedule random, or is 3-6 months pretty standard?



    I quite honestly think it’s too late and you should simply brazen it out. The absolute best way to push those embarrassing revelations off the front page of Google is to post many more less mortifying things.

    Can’t speak to the caching schedule. I can tell you that Yahoo has things that are several years gone; they never seem to delete anything. Yet Google deleted one of my posts that was a week old. They do update the regular cache quite often, so if you post today, they’ll have it tonight in all likelihood.

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