Need more contrast in font of captions in slideshow

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    I have three blogs with the same problem, different themes (Misty Look, Blix, and Twenty Ten. When I put captions on the photos included in a slide show, the co text is difficult to read against the picture.

    Is there any way to get a font with a “halo” that contrasts with the color of the text? That would allow the caption to be seen, no matter what the picture was.


    The blog I need help with is



    Just checking back, no one has responded. The blog with the most problem with hard to read captions is Fiber Guild blog

    It occurs with a photo in portrait orientation that has a caption. The photo fills the entire vertical space and there is no black frame at the bottom of the picture. The caption is superimposed on the photo instead of the black frame, so the white text gets lost in light colored parts of the photo.

    Is there anything I can do so captions can be read for both landscape and protrait oriented photos? Is there a special font with letters outlined or haloed in a dark color?


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    Note: there is a bit more other information about this problem in a sort of duplicate of this question here:

    Portrait oriented photos have the caption superimposed on the picture, often lost because of low contrast.

    It would be nice if there was a “halo” surrounding the caption text letters that allow it to be seen against the photo.

    You cannot really format the shortcode for slideshows here on There is this article about changing the frame color around a slideshow which might help:
    though I don’t know that it will effect where the captions are placed when you have both landscape and portrait pictures in a slideshow…


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    Also there is this information about using a Flickr slideshow:
    (when I’ve used them only a couple of times I didn’t need/use captions so this may not be useful for you)
    and these few comments about Flickr slideshows in that article:
    And if Flickr is still of any interest to you there is the support document here:


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    Perhaps another volunteer will have a better solution for the problem.

    If it were me, I’d just add a dark grey or black area to the bottom of the portrait images in PhotoShop or other image editing program for the white caption text to be seen. But that’s just me…

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