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Need original article in place

  1. I copy and paste an article to place on my blog. The article was on 3 pages. How do I post all 3 pages as one post on my blog.

  2. You should just be able to paste one section after another; there's no word limit to a post, so if you don't mind it being long then it should all fit in the one post.

    If you want to maintain the structure you can use the nextpage tag, which divides the post into sections but keeps it as one post. You'd add <!--nextpage--> in the code tab after a paragraph break. Does that help?

  3. Thanks for replying however where is the nextpage tag?

  4. You have to add it manually in the code editor.

  5. Okay i got it. It would seem that i can't do much in draft form, so i would have to go to original site post separate whilst putting the nextpage tag in between.

  6. I sure hope you have permission of the copyright holder for doing that, otherwise it's both illegal and against the Terms of Service.

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