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Need popularity to rise on google list

  1. Recently I read the blog of another user, and I was rather annoyed at his false information, seeing as he was one of the first links on google when I typed in Xbox 360 vs. PS3. So in response, I have posted my own blog stating my opinions on the same topic. I have no way referenced his blog, or insulted him, it's just a simple alternate version of his article. however, for my point to get across, I need more people to visit and comment on my blog so it rises on google.

    The blog url is:

    Please leave a comment once you've read it, stating your opinion. Thank you.


  2. You are going to need to go here to advertise your site, since you can only promote your blog at this link.
    And as for getting opinions on your blog post, that is better left for your own blog.

  3. *sigh* Does the world really need another 360 fanboy/girl?

  4. lol I'm a fanboy? Thanks, but no thanks. I just went for the system that was the most popular, that was most recommended, and that was the cheapest. And then I spent hours looking over other websites to get the information I put into my blog. So no, I'm not a fanboy, I went out looking equally for positive stuff on the PS3 as I did for stuff on the 360, and I found A LOT more for the 360. And most of what there was for the PS3 was from fanboy sites.

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