Need post intro then “Read More” link for full post, How?

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    I would like to replicate this:

    Notice how each post is simply and intro and you click “MORE” to view the full post.

    Can someone please tell me there is a setting that will allow me to do this?



    If you have not turned off the text rich editor then the icon you need to use to insert the “read more tag” is icon 13. For example if you want you readers to only see a few words and then have to click a link to see ‘more……’ then use this icon where you want the link to be.
    if you have turned the text rich editor off and are using the ordinary editor you use the “more” button.
    If you choose to type the break manually in then you type


    The forum search box is your friend. This has been discussed many times before and the answer is in there.

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