Need refund for an auto-renewal I was not informed about

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    I was just charged $99 for “auto-renewal” of my premium bundle which I did not authorize. Not to mention, the bundle was purchased 11 months ago – not even a full year. I received NO prior notifications of the renewal charges, however, they were kind enough to immediately inform of the deduction.

    I followed the steps in trying to cancel and received an email to “confirm cancellation” however the link is broken and the message reads, “An error occurred while refunding your upgrade. Please contact support.”

    Funny thing is – THERE IS NO CONTACT SUPPORT. I have spent the last 30 minutes clicking around with zero success in resolving this issue.

    Is this real life?

    The blog I need help with is



    It looks like a refund has been processed for this transaction. I will assume that the issue is resolved unless I hear otherwise from you.


    We stopped using the WordPress site for our website six days ago, on January 24.
    We attempted to cancel any and all automatic renewals but there was no cancel button and no way to contact directly about our problems, despite the fact that you say to “contact us”.
    On January 26, and despite a WordPress statement that “Automatic renewal is not available to be set up with a PayPal account”, we were advised that two WordPress automatic renewals, each for US$30, went through on a PayPal account.
    We would like to a) receive a full refund for both PayPal charges and b) be reassured that any WordPress automatic renewals are cancelled.




    I am not seeing any upgrades under your danieltownsendcyberacity account. Could this involve a different account?

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