Need similar wide theme, but w/ vivid COMMENT BUTTON

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    No body sees the comment button when they read my blog.
    This is the perfect theme (“Twenty ten?”) for my blog, but the gray comment button is basically useless…the worst color for marketing.
    Does anyone have a perfect answer for me?
    (Must have white background, no calendar, my photo at top.)
    I just need a BRIGHT NOTICEABLE COMMENT button below each post!

    Thx so much, Jenny

    The blog I need help with is



    Hello jenny,
    my first advice to incitate people to comment your post would be to use the “more tag”. Thus people would start to read your post in the home page and when they click on “Read more” they read on a specific page dedicated to your post. At the bottom, they will see a big place to leave the comment. for more information look at

    On another hand, you put so many adresses (8 !) at the bottom of your posts (web adress, facebook adress, tweeter….) that visitors might not read until the end to find the comment place… I would not. Why not to put them in a blog roll list in a widget ?



    Another option is to make changes with CSS. Go to Appearance > Edit CSS and copy in the code below. If you like the new look you can purchase the CSS upgrade and the changes will be visible to everyone who visits your blog.

    .comments-link {display:block; padding:20px 0;}
    .comments-link a {color:#000; font-size:2em; font-weight:bold;}

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    Another possibility is that you make your own link to comment button. For example, below is the URL for comments on one of your posts:

    Notice it is the same URL as links to your post with /#respond at the end.

    The only problem is that it links to the comment box itself so your commenter may not read comments above hers.



    Change the #respond at the end to #comments and your link will jump down to the first comment on your individual page so visitors can read previous comments before posting their own. Here’s an example link:


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    Oh, that’s good! Thanks.

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