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  1. I just created my blog site but cant seem to use it. I wanted to write something on it but i keep on receiving messages that says: Operation to be aborted. I just want to know if this account is active and if it is, why cant I access it? please help or I want to cancel it and start afresh.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. is live online.
    Make sure you are logged in (which you are now, because you have just posted in these forums). Try this link to add a new post:

  3. Thanks 1 tess. I tried your advice but I receive the same message: Internet explorer cannot open this site, operation aborted. Oh my God, Im discouraged now. It is my first tym using this blog thing which is kinda not user friendly for me. Maybe I shud cancel it, what do you think giyz?

  4. Can you try a different browser? Some versions of IE are not very friendly with wp. I am Mac only but have seen something about disabling "compatibility mode" on IE in some versions. You might try that?

  5. Don't cancel or delete. Don't get discouraged. I'm sure we can figure out what is happening!

  6. 1 Tess I am not computer savvy when coming to software. What do you mean by IE? Secondly, on my site, there's this statement: This is cat's pajamas, what does this mean?

  7. Thanks, it shows that I still have got a long way to go with blogging, please be patient with me till I get there. My biggest worry is that I want to start chatting with my audience but I cant seem to get taking off. please helppppp!!!!

  8. What version of IE are you using? Older versions aren't going to work.

  9. IE is Internet Explorer, the "browser" that many people using Windows still have and use. Other browser names that you might or might not recognize are Firefox and Chrome (from Google). If you don't recognize these, don't worry. Whichever browser you are using, check your menu bar for a Help menu with an "About..." on it. Click that and tell us what you see for name of program and version number.

  10. version 6.0 im using.

  11. That is a quite ancient version, riddled with bugs and not very supportive of any modern web standards. You should consider upgrading to something more recent, directly from the Microsoft site. Alternatively, you could switch to another browser. Judging by your posts, I'd say it'd be easier for you to upgrade IE. Go to and look for Internet Explorer.

  12. @getrudet
    IE6.0 is the worst browser version Microsoft ever put out. They no longer support it and does not support it either. See here please to download supported browsers and versions

  13. yepeeeeeeee! thank you all for your help. I downloaded IE 8 and can access my site now. Time to get going! c u!

  14. Yay! Best wishes with your blog.

  15. @timethief
    I need to get started now. What do I put on "About" section?

  16. I would recommend that you work your way through this useful tutorial:

    You are only a 4 hour old blogger. The tutorial will get you oriented to using this platform.

  17. Your "about" page is a page you can edit. Here is how to edit a page:

    But you would benefit by working through the tutorial. It really won't take long for you to learn a lot about starting a blog here.

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