Need some help.

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    Have a few questions about designing my blog:

    ~I don’t want the text so close to the border – how do I do that? Both in the mainfield and the sidebar.

    ~How do I change font?

    ~How do I remove the border from the images in my posts?

    ~I would like a border between my blogposts, to apart my blogposts from eachother – how do I do that?

    Thanks to anyone who can help me.

    The blog I need help with is



    Have you purchased the CSS upgrade? If so, be aware there are only two volunteers in the forum who can help at all, and they are here infrequently. There is no staff support for it, either. You are effectively on your own.

    Have you read the references at the top of the CSS forum? They can help guide you. If you still are not able to make basic changes like these, perhaps you should ask for a refund. The CSS upgrade is not for beginners.



    You seem to be familiar with CSS, so
    1. Increase the padding in #primary and #secondary
    2. Change font-family in body
    3. You seem to have solved this
    4. I see you’re already using border-bottom



    I have the upgrade, and all job on my blog is done by me.
    I have some html-training from blogspot, but this is a little bit different.

    Husdal – number 3 and 4 is not solved.

    3. I have a border round my images, and I don’t want it.

    4. To see what I mean, take a look here: – I want something like that – a solid border between the posts.

    Come to think about it, you maybe looked at that blog :p

    The one I want help with is:

    I want it to look something like the other one :)




    Tried the padding thing, but it wont work.



    Padding is completed.

    Now its the border-thing I need help with.

    Border removed from images, and border between blogposts.



    No CSS editing required to remove border from around images
    If you click on your images, you’ll find they open as a file, just the image with no page around it. The border is showing because the image is linked.

    If you don’t want your images linked, the solution is easy: just select Link NONE when you upload the image.

    If you DO want it linked, you’ll have to fiddle a bit. Here is the answer I found by searching the forums for “Image border”:



    Thanks :) Figured it out :)

    Is there any way to get a border between my blogposts? Like underneath each blogpost….?



    Try this:

    .hentry {border-bottom: solid 5px #5fa5b0;}


    Thanks a lot!!! It worked! :)

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