Need some help with the css

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    I like to add some illustration as a gif file in 3 places on the site :
    1. In the header of the page area
    2. In the footer of it
    3. and as a background of the main navigation area
    as i mark in red in the picture

    I’m new with the css and will thanks for any help.


    The blog I need help with is


    Is your end goal to replace the top and bottom borders for the page? Would you mind uploading the images to your media library and then posting links back to them here? That will help us help you. :)



    Hi designsimply, thanks for your response.
    I succeed to do it on the header – you can see it now on the site.
    here is the image link

    Thanks again,



    I checked and I see that you used the following CSS to make that adjustment:

    #page:before {
    	background: url('') repeat-x;
    	background-size:980px 90px;

    It looks great!



    Thank you very much designsimply !!
    As you see i succeed to do it with the header. Can you help me with the other two location – on the footer and as a nice background for the up menu ?
    Thanks again (:



    Here’s how to add a background image to the very bottom of the main content area of the Ever After theme:

    #colophon {
    	background: url('') 100% 100% repeat-x;
    	margin: 0;
    	padding: 0 5.52147239%;

    I used the WordPress logo as an example, and you can change out the value for url() to use your own image.

    Here is an example showing how to add a background image to the main menu in the Ever After theme:

    .site-navigation {
    	background: url('') center center repeat-x;

    Change the url() value to an image URL from your media library to use a different image.



    Agian – Thank you very much designsimply !! (:
    I’m realy apricate your help .
    I’ll try to implement it on my site.



    Great! I can see you’re learning a ton, and that’s awesome!

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