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Need some ideas

  1. wizardsofwashington

    I started a blog about NBA team Washington Wizards, any ideas on what I can write about?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Sigh.

    If you don't know what to write about, perhaps you should not attempt to write.

  3. Maybe you could write about the NBA team Washington Wizards?

  4. @wizardsofwashington: That sounds like a great start! Maybe you could write about the seasons or something to that extent? :) Or how about your views on life? :)

  5. You can write about me. You know I'm pretty famous. My name is Hamza Niaz. Just tag your post with hamza and you'll have a flood of traffic.

  6. It looks like you and itspak wrote the same poem :-0

    'A Boy' is very well done...

  7. These ideas are gold.

  8. You could write a post about other things NBA could stand for...

  9. @Readytochange

    t looks like you and itspak wrote the same poem

    What do you mean by this?
    However thanks for this

    'A Boy' is very well done...


    These ideas are gold.

    Yeah I knew it:).
    If one doesn't know how to write or what to write then why to blog?

  10. writing about one specific thing lessen the ideas. Better write about many things like I did ;)

  11. @hnsaifi - you listed your name so I went to your Facebook page and saw you shared a poem from itspak, yet looking at the poem on another page it has you listed as the author.

    It was a very nice poem...

  12. Facebook page? I'm listening about my facebook page from you :). Where is it?
    Where and how did you found a page you think of our blog? Ahaha:)

  13. @hnsaifi - Because you listed your name, said you were famous, so I went and looked. I am sorry, I thought that was what you wanted. I also like chess.

    You shared a post from itspak with her poem The Boy. The same poem that has you listed as the author. I thought maybe you were a famous poet. I would not dream of listing your profile? I would be concerned about your privacy. Not to mention we are hijacking someone else's post about topic ideas for the NBA.

    @wizardsofwashington - have you thought about doing profiles of the team members?

  14. Oh I was just kidding :). I'm not as famous as you thought me to be but I'm much famous in my area especially among students.:)
    I still not understand what are you saying.
    I'm an author, wrote many poems, but I'm a better writer. I wrote many stories and fiction novels (in Urdu). I know many people are addicted to them so I'm going to publish all my stuff on my blog (English version). I'm a contributor to itspak.
    BTW you shouldn't have written it here that you found me on social media.

  15. @hnsaifi - I didn't until you asked. So sorry - thought that was what you wanted.

    @wizardsofwashington - I was also thinking that you could post ideas about their seasons and why they are winning and losing. Sort of like the story behind the team...

  16. Personal profiles on players.

    Why John Wall hasn't been as successful as some people expected. What he has to change to become more successful, or will it just come with time.

    Free agents coming up who might help your team (there's no help for them, in my opinion, but you hopefully feel better about them).

    Possible trades, why the other team might go for it, why they wouldn't, how it would help your team.

    Who should you think about getting in the draft.

    Read other successful NBA blogs, like GoldenStateofMind and BlazersEdge, and see what they do.

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