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  1. I started this blog initially to help promote my photography business but found that I'm really enjoying offering tips to brides and others. Problem is that my blog is getting zero attention. Please help a girl out! Thanks a mil.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Of course you get zero attention. It's way to overworked, slow and complicated. Did you think a blog was a design contest?

  3. I think it's just that your audience is very specific -- i.e., people looking for a wedding/event photographer. Are you visiting other wedding- & event-specific blogs and getting to know people there? Since your blog is less a photoblog (or "me-me-me" blog, lol) and more an opportunity to promote your work, maybe those are the places to build the types of relationships you need.

    Your "About" page says some very nice things, so you might want to include some of what you've written there on your home page -- just a line or two so visitors get a sense of what you're about as soon as they arrive.

    My two cents.

  4. Its really good

    Don't worry Chick Im havin the same with my new site, I couldn't see nywhere to leave comments tho?

  5. I meant *Anywhere

  6. @tomlund I find that comment very disrespectful to her blog. Clearly, you did not go to her blog but instead went to her actual website. Her blog is:

    I would try small business cards to handout to brides, with your blog on it. And try to get free press in bridal magazines or on other website forums! Good luck!

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