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    it would be really really great if you could offer some more themes. as i need some special kind of it i would be really thankful if you could help me out :-) i would need a theme where there is kind of a menu on the left of the site as it is shown on this site: but i should be able to rename the “links” in the menu for my own purpose… and the (background) color should be blue ^^
    and it would be very great if i could insert some kind of diagram in the middle of the site. the problem is, that it is a special file type that has the ending “.mm”. the appropriate program is called “freemind” and it allows you to create mindmaps which makes it easier to represent one’s thoughts. and last but not least i’d need a counter, a guestbook, a forum and the possibility to add comments. i know that it’s much but it’s for a good purpose :-) i would be very very thankful if you could help me out.


    marian a.



    For what you wrote, is not for you. You need a website. A blog is not a website.

    You would need to hire a hosting provider to host your site, get a domain name if you don’t already have one. Hire a web developer who would design and program your website. If you want static pages – no programming/database involved, hire a web designer.

    If you don’t want to hire a web designer/developer, there are CMS software available such as Joomla. For forum software, there are many to choose from as well, like: BBPress or Simple Machines.

    Hope this helps




    yeah ok, thank you… i hoped it would be easier ^^

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