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Need step-by-step help mapping a domain

  1. I've read through the instructions for mapping a domain to WordPress, and I understand it except for the part about rerouting any email addresses associated with an existing domain. After reading through the instructions for that, I'm not confident doing it on my own and would like some help with that.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. auxclass may be able to assist with that but though I have two domains I can't as I haven't tried what's in the support documentation here >

  3. Where will you be keeping you email hosting?

    You will need to get some information from your email host - each host is a bit different - I found to other links that might help you - once you get the info from your email host you can post it here using the "code" box for formatting and maybe someone can help you with the formatting - the formatting can be a bit tricky and sometimes the staff will also help

    Your first step will be to contact your email host and ask them for the information to keep the email working at you email host - most are helpful and have done something like this before - a few are idiots and not helpful at all -

  4. I was in touch with my email provider, and here's what they told me:

    If you want to keep the e-mail service with us, you will need to point your MX record to:

    and you should create an A record for the mbox subdomain pointing to:

    The records you will need to add that follow the listed syntax in the article are:

    MX 0
    A mbox

    We are not absolutely sure about the second record though. You should contact for more information on this matter.

    All of that sounds like absolute gibberish to me though! I'm pretty good with computers, but this is the part that's starting to confuse me.

  5. based on the way my records are - this should work - note the full stop (period ) after the "com." - this is my best effort - I will also flag this for the staff to see if they might also help

    A mbox<br /> MX 10

  6. The A record your email provider gave you looks OK. The MX record looks good too, except that we require a final dot at the end, so your records would look like this:

    MX 0<br /> A mbox<br />

    Once you map the domain to your site, you'll be able to set up these DNS records under Store > Domains > Edit DNS, as you can see here:

    You'll enter the DNS records from above in the text box, and click "Save DNS records."

    If you run into any issues, just let us know.

  7. Thanks for the help. I'm going to try this tomorrow. Will my email experience any downtime while I'm doing this?

  8. Alright, I went ahead with everything and my email works so far, but when I type in my domain, it still goes back to the old site and my WordPress blog URL goes to the domain too. What did I do wrong? I want the domain to redirect to the WordPress blog, not the other way around.

  9. Ack, now the blog redirects to the domain, but so does my webmail!

  10. Hi there, when I go to your domain I get to your site.

    Your webmail looks like it's accessible here:

    Is this what you see as well, and is this how you'd like it to work?

  11. Yes, that worked. Thanks!

  12. Great - glad to hear it!

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