Need suggestions on allowing users to attach files

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    Hi all,
    I’d like to create a site that allows users to create a post and upload documents attached to it in a variety of formats, probably mostly DOC, TXT, XLS and PDF. I would then like to keep the post from being displayed until I approve it. I think I can handle the approval process through base WordPress features but I can’t quite figure out which approach to use for attaching files to the post. Is there any plugin or process you suggest for this? I’d appreciate any suggestions.



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    Hi @austinjim, in, the only way to allow users to upload to the site would be to make them an Author. You can read more about User Roles here,

    If you would like to allow any user to upload files, this cannot be accomplished with the free blog. You will want to look into using the self hosted You can read more about the differences between and here,

    If you want to know if what your asking can be accomplished with you will need to ask the question in the forums. You can view the forums here,

    Good luck with finding a solution. Let us know if yo need any more help!



    You almost certainly want a WordPress.ORG site for this. It is probably not going to be cheap.


    Yeah, once the spammers and lowlifes find it and start uploading boat loads of crap to your site, you’ll quickly run out of space.

    Also, this might violate ToS on web hosts that offer “unlimited” space in their hosting plans. In the ToS, “unlimited” only applies to files used on the site, not extraneous files from others that are NOT part of the site.

    Second ToS violation possibility is if someone uploads something with malware in it and it ends up infecting the server and the other users on the server. I know of at least two instances where someone inadvertently uploaded malware to a web host and it infected the server and the account holder ended up paying for the cleanup since they were the ones that allowed it to happen (to the tune of about $2500).

    This might end up costing you $50 to $100 per month minimum and then keep you would have to keep a close eye on what is uploaded and purge regularly to keep from exceeding your site space allowances.

    And this is an absolute assurance: Web hosts scan their systems all the time for malware, adware and virus’ and if they find one in your account (no matter who uploaded it). They shut you down. Period. No warning. That happens multiple times and you will never get your site back.

    Allowing the general public to upload things to your site = seriously bad idea



    Thanks for the input! I do want since I’m hosting WordPress on my hosting provider. And, thesacredpath, you make some excellent points. I will require all users to register before they can upload but even so, that’s not much protection. I think I’ll try having people email me the files and i’ll scan and then post them myself. It’s intended to be a repository of rally/tour routes which anyone can comment on and download. I don’t see any problem with me putting them on the site instead of allowing users to do so. Thanks a bunch for the responses!




    Icanhascheezburger does this, and they pay something like $600 per month for the VIP program.

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