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Need the IP address for wordpress to move my domain name from

  1. I want to move my domain name from to wordpress, what is the wordpress IP address?
    Blog url:

  2. Note: does not provide static IP addresses, so you won't be able to map your domain by IP. Instead, you'll need to change your name servers. See this for more info:

  3. It sounds like people have not been able to resolve this. I have the same problem. I've been through the wordpress support documents many times, but as most people seem to have the same problem it seems that many registrars require an IP address in order to change name servers (that is my case).
    How have people solved this? Or do they just use new blog sites?

  4. @chasselas
    I flaggd this thread for Staff to assist you. In order to do that they need specific so please provide them. What is the URL for your domain? Where is it being hosted now?

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