Need to add “number of comments” to each post

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    I am using the “Dusk” theme by Becca Wei at and I noticed how at the bottom of each post, it has a link to the comments, but doesn’t tell you how many comments there currently are. Is there a way to make it show this? I noticed many other themes have this feature enabled, but this one doesn’t.

    ex. “Comments(45)”

    I would like to keep this theme, but enable that feature, if possible. Thanks!



    that is theme-dependent, so there’s nothing you can do abt it, i think. maybe css could fix that, though.



    Isn’t Dusk the same theme that raincoaster has? Well I think her’s has the number of comments left after each post.



    Yes, it’s the same theme, and the number is always there. Maybe it’s a browser thing? I’m on IE6. Maybe it’s whether or not you’re signed in (and since I’m always signed in, I always see the number of comments).

    It never shows zero, though, so if there aren’t any comments on a post it just won’t say a number.

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