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Need to add user to blog who does not want another blog

  1. I'm trying to add a user name to the blog so I can distinguish between "Author" and "Administrator." I think it's too confusing having two people posting comments with the same log-in etc.
    I emailed the invitation and so forth but the link I got back was only to create another blog. Isn't there some way to register an account without a blog? I have no use for a second blog.
    I emailed the support desk, but they seem to be pretty tied up.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi. I strongly discourage you to invite yourself via email. If you do one false move, you'll end up being downgraded from administrator to contributor and get locked out of your blog (which will require staff intervention and, as you noticed, they are backed up a little).

    Log out of, then click below (which is the URL you would have gotten had you selected the "Just a username" option)

    Then add that new username as a contributor.

  3. Hm, okay, thanks.

  4. I was confused because they ask for a blog name BEFORE you can see the option "just a username". I didn't fill that out because I didn't want another I didn't see it.
    Just trying to ensure that both people running this have access to it. Thanks, I got it fixed.

  5. You're welcome.

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