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Need to change font and font size

  1. Does anyone have the basic CSS or HTML to change font and font size in the "Mystique" theme?

    I love the theme but hate the fonts.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You do not have to do this with CSS. In fact if you do use CSS and your visitors computers do not have the font you choose then the fonts on your visitors computers are what will display anmd not necessarily the one you use.

    Changing font families using TypeKit Fonts

  3. If you use Typekit then what will display on all visitor's computers is the Typekit font you choose. This is a new theme and no one posting to the forum has shared the Typekit selectors as yet so you are on your own.

  4. Thanks, timethief.

    I tried Typekit but it didn't work. I came here and was told that WordPress has nothing to do with typekit. Go figure!

    Do you know any themes that are easier to modify with basic font changes?

  5. WordPress and typekit are separate entities and not connected, but many people here are using typekit on their blogs here. You have to identify the CSS selectors for the elements that you want to change the font on and then you have to provide those selectors to typkit when setting things up and configuring it.

  6. Here are the instructions for changing the font without the CSS upgrade. Note that if you should ever change themes, you're stuck editing EVERY SINGLE PARAGRAPH.

  7. Thanks a lot! It's not too much trouble with copy and paste.

  8. Thanks so much, p! I will try this out when I do my next blog!

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