Need to Change my Post Title color and Link colors

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    I really want to change colors for my post titles and link colors –> Right now, if you visit my site and click on a post, the title is a dark red, the links are also dark red unless i change them in editing my post. However, even if i change the link color in a post, the underline is still there in the dark red. My edit button is also dark red next to each post. I’d rather it be a soft blue color.

    I’m not too familiar with CSS, but please let me know how to change this particular color in my blog as there seem to be no options for it anywhere in my dashboard appearance or custom options.


    The blog I need help with is


    by the way, i use the chateau theme for my blog


    To update the color of titles on posts and pages in the Chateau theme, add this to your Appearance > Customize > CSS panel:

    .post-title h1 {
    	color: #3372A2;

    Adjust the color code as needed.


    ok i will try that…in my CSS panel, i still have the welcom message generated by wordpress as I’ve never edited it before…do i just delete this and type in what you have above? Starting at line 1


    Exactly. The welcome message is a comment. Anything between “/*” and “*/” is a CSS comment and will be ignored.


    hm doesn’t seem to be working..i deleted everything there in the message including the /* markings and starting at line one copy and pasted exactly what you have above and saved…the text is still red on posts and pages


    If you want to change your links and titles, just go to themes->editor.

    You would get a window with a list of files on the right and a code editor in the left. Now, from the right panel click on style.css
    When your style.css opens up in the code editor, just scroll down to the bottom end of the file.
    Add this block there –

    a, a:active{
    color: #3372A2; !important;
    /* Just change the color hex code according to your choice */

    I hope this works.


    pasted exactly what you have above and saved…the text is still red on posts and pages

    Did the CSS you entered actually save? If it did, you should be able to see it if you start at and browse to Appearance > Customize > CSS.

    If saving isn’t working, could you let me know? A couple other people reported trouble with saving CSS, but I haven’t been able to track down any details for why that might be happening for them.

    If saving is working, can you save the example and then reply back here so I can check it out?


    Hello! Yes it worked this time! It must of been a saving issue because everytime i went back in to the css tab what i had just typed in there was gone. But I tried it again today after seeing this message and it worked :) Thanks so much!

    This may be a theme issue that cannot be changed. But my regular post titles on my main page–the color i choose in customize is always darker on the font color- as you can see the turquoise color i have in the line at the top of my page is my main color- but the title of the post is hinted darker. Can this change in any way?


    I’m seeing this as the color of the line at the top of your site: #06D9B6 .

    In your custom CSS, I’m seeing this as a post title color: #08D77B .

    The post titles on the main page of your site are links to the single post pages, so you have to include the “a” selector to have them the same color:

    .post-title h1, .post-title h1 a {
        color: #08D77B;

    See if the above gets you what you are looking for on the post titles.

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