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    I work and live in a province whare everything is bilingual English/French. I have created a blog/website here on in englich. Bought the custom design package (fonts & css). I also created custom header images for each page and sub-page. Presently I have a French page with subpages but this will not suffice in the long term.

    1. Now I need to recreate the entier blog as is in french so that it can look as professional as the english version. and NO I do not want to use google translate. My text is already tanslated. I simply want to create a sperate blog with sepertat url just using the same theme and fonts and images and menu structure. Is this possible. I do have a seperate domain names hosted elsewhere.

    2. Can I use the design package I purchased for both or do I have to purchase the package again.

    3. Is it possible to have a main page with a french / english link that directs link people to the french or english version?

    Presently the two domains below redirect people to the appopriate pages.

    Thank you kindly. MN

    The blog I need help with is



    Bonjour MN. (I live in the same province by the way) WordPress.COM does not support multilingual blogs per se, so you would have to do what you are currently doing, which is to have a separate page, or even create a second blog entirely in the other language. The Custom Design upgrade does not change that (because, as the name says, it only involves the design of the site, not the funcionality).

    If you want your blog to be seamlessly bilingual, you could choose to go for a self-hosted WordPress install (in other words, a WordPress.ORG) blog, where I think there are plugins that are designed to do just what you are asking. For more information, you can go to

    I hope that answers your questions. Good luck.



    Thank you airodyssey for your reply,

    Yes I have considered creating an entier site with but my concern is will doing this change-over compromise my SEO rating because iI am now listed 4 times in the top 10 on google. for theta healing quebec and my email newsletter points to these blog pages?

    You did not tell me if I can make an exact duplicate of my entier blog and then simply replace the text while keeping all headers, font, css and widgerts intact.
    when I create the 2nd blog do I have to start from scratch?
    I have seen this question asked on several forum posts never really answered.

    “The Custom Design upgrade does not change that (because, as the name says, it only involves the design of the site, not the funcionality).”
    Do you mean by ‘The SITE, that it includes all blogs connected to this one even though it asks me to create a new name ie: when creating a 2nd blog?

    Thank you kindly. m.n.



    When I type “theta healing quebec” on Google, it’s your address that comes up, not your one. It looks like your address does not appear on Google (because it merely redirects to your

    If you switch to a self-hosted WordPress blog (, you will start your SEO ranking from zero with your address. However, you can purchase a site redirect upgrade at that time in order for the addresses to redirect seamlessly to your blog at its new host.

    (I’m not the most SEO-savvy volunteer here. Hopefully other people will come to this topic and comment).

    Creating a duplicate of a blog at is possible but not very convenient. You would have register a second blog, export the contents from the first blog and import them at the second blog, and even then, several things are not exported, such as the theme layout.

    What I said about the design upgrade applies to any site and any user (with one or several sites): it only changes the design, not the functionality.

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