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    I have another wordpress blog that I need to delete but I have forgotten my password and the email account used to set up that blog is closed. So I am not able to log in to do the needful.
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    Do you have access to your account’s API Key? This was sent in your Welcome email with a note to keep it in the same place. We’ll need either that or an email from the address on the account to prove ownership.


    I have a similar problem…
    I have a couple of blogs on WordPress, and the one I want to edit (not the one I’m logged in under) is attached to an email that no longer belongs to me. I have no record of the password to that account and the original welcome email has been deleted long ago, so, I can’t log in, I can’t delete the account, and I can’t request a new password because the link will be sent to the email address I don’t own anymore.

    How in the world am I supposed to fix this?



    Please return to your original thread where an answer was left 25 minutes ago:

    This particular thread is for pavimehta and his support request.


    Online notes make it difficult to convey the tone and attitude behind the message, but that came across as a bit rude, macmanx. If I’m wrong I apologize.

    I was just trying to be efficient (for myself and for others who might search for this info) and find help via someone with a similar problem. Isn’t that how forums work… open discussions and shared information?



    Thanks so much for your response! I don’t have the API key. The email address was an old work email and I am no longer with the same company. I can write to them to see if they can send an email from that account (not sure if that’s possible). They’d like to have the blog deleted or made private since the info on it is no longer current.

    The blog is:

    It was set up in May 2009 I believe and I can send you the email address that was used to set it up. Again much appreciate your help!



    If they can temporarily recover the email address for you, that would be best.

    Please let me know, and I’ll send a confirmation email to it when you’re ready.



    You’re so kind, thank you. But it won’t be necessary! I had the oddest thing happen on this end — the password for the login came back to me all of a sudden :) So I was able to get in and delete the blog [ran into a minor roadbloack when the message read : this blog will not be deleted until you click the link in your email :) I no longer have access to that email address, but I was able to change the email address linked to the account in Settings and then proceeded to delete the blog — and this worked. Thanks again for your swift responses and helpful suggestions!



    You’re welcome!

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