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Need to delete old blog asap! - Please help!

  1. Hi there,

    I really need to delete a blog, not registered with this account but with another which I have totally forgotten the log in details to.

    the url is:

    I created this blog as a research journal for an essay I was writing whilst studying and stopped using it after I completed the project. Now someone has contacted me saying that there are copyright infringements within the blog (I used an image found on google without the owner's permission) and I need to delete the post and/or entire blog.

    I have no idea what my log in was and I can't seem to find it affiliated with any of my email addresses, I must have used my university email address to register which has since been deleted. I am worried that I will get in to trouble if I cannot remove the post!

    Please can you advise me!! I need to solve this ASAP.


  2. I have flagged this for staff. If you tell them which image it is in the media library (give us a direct link to the post with the image or the image itself) they can delete it for you.

  3. Hi magpiemargot,

    How did that person contact you?

    Did you receive a new comment email notification? If so, can you try resetting the password linked to the email address where you received the notification?

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