need to delete one of my two sites

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    while trying to set up a site for myself, i inadvertently created two accounts on \’word press\’ and need to delete one. this happened because i am not a power computer user and I am just starting out with this type of thing. my goal is to create an interactive site to market myself as an architect.

    my question: how do i delete one of the sites?

    after i started the first one, i wanted to change my user name. the site wouldn\’t let me do it. so i created an entirely new account with the name i wanted. then i couldn\’t use the email address i wanted because it was attached to the original acct., so i used an alternate website to continue creating the second account. i simply want to have one website that has the username and email address i want. please advise as soon as possible as i was just laid off and i think word press will be key to finding my next job. thanks in advance for your attention to this.
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    Unfortunately, we are unable to delete accounts at this time, but you are more than welcome to edit or delete your profile info.

    Inf you change the email address on the account that you don’t want, you’ll be able to use your preferred email address on the account that you do want.

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