Need to disable the automatic disappearance of comment reply

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    Whenever someone comments my blogs, there is this orange icon pops up to reply comment quickly. So I click it and reply the latest comment. As my blog is all about technical stuff, the comment reply appears to be long, there have been several times that the popup comment reply DISAPPEARS with my long message if I accidentally move or click my mouse to somewhere else.

    I personally find this is a hair loss feature. As long as I type something to reply a comment, it should either not allow to disappear until I click ‘REPLY’ or cache what I have typed.

    Anyway to avoid this scenario?


    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there Joe,

    Are you referring to the pop-out feature from the Notification Icon at the top of the screen? I just want to make sure I’m on the same page as you. Could you take a screenshot of an example reply that you’re composing in this manner just so that I’m 100% sure that we’re talking about the same thing?
    Here’s a bit more information about how to take a screenshot:

    You can upload the image to your media gallery and I’ll take a look at it there.

    If it is the same spot, what is probably happening is that your page refreshes or, as you say, you click elsewhere. Since it is a script that runs this little pop-out, it doesn’t cache the text field, and if you are composing long replies (or taking your time on a specific reply) you will likely have better luck overall by either returning to the post, or composing from your dashboard. I am terribly sorry if this is cumbersome for you, but you’ll have a greater chance of hair retention at least!




    I think you have understood my problem. I guess that notification box is aimed for a quick & short social reply in just a click. As for nerd like me, I guess I better use the control freak dashboard, even though it requires a few more clicks. At least it saves me a few coins in the swear box.

    Thanks anyway




    You’re right – to be safe, think of the notification pop-up area just for a quick reply. I am sorry for the inconvenience (I myself like to keep things quick over clicky!) but like you say – you’ll run into less frustration in the long run.


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