Need to edit/delete imported Excerpts

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    I imported my WordPress blog from self-hosted WP to I was using MistyLook theme, and still am.

    When my blog posts are viewed in category/archive view I see them excerpts, which have broken images and text that can’t be changed. How can I edit or delete these excerpts?

    I tried switching to themes that support excerpts (per a 2009 wp tip), but none that I tried actually showed the excerpt field in the edit window. How can I edit or delete existing excerpts?

    The blog I need help with is



    Can we get a direct link to one of these posts?



    Here’s a sample post, which itself looks fine:

    Missoula Parade 2007

    However, when viewed via this link the excerpt appears with broken photo:



    Nevermind… I just realized that I wasn’t seeing the excerpt module because it wasn’t selected from Screen Options.

    Once I activated the excerpt module I was able to delete the excerpt. Sorry for the false alarm! :)

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