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Need to move a blog out of my account

  1. mavensnotebook

    I need to move a blog that is in my account. I sold the blog and I need to stop using the name. There are some legal issues here, too. How can I get this blog out of this account?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Is it just a Or are their upgrades with the blog - like a domain name (

    If it is just a - have the people you are selling the blog to open up and account here - then go to "My Blogs" and click on the "Transfer Blog" and follow the instructions - make sure the account you are going to is spelled right - no error checking on the receiving account - only takes a couple of clicks and you get an email you need to click on

  3. mavensnotebook

    Actually, it is not hosted at; it is self-hosted. But somehow my jetpack statistics seem to be wrapped up in it. The blog list on the stats page lists it as an option.

    When I go to the MyBlogs page and try to transfer it, there is no link to transfer. I think that's because it is self-hosted.

  4. If it is self hosted then you transfer the domain name at your Registrar to a new user - you will need to ask at the registrar how to transfer the domain name to another person or company

    If you have Jetpack installed you can have the staff remove the blog stats from your account -

  5. mavensnotebook

    Yes, I just need them to remove the blog stats and the blog from the account. I have already transferred the domain and they've moved the hosting and all that. There just seems to be this little remnant left ...

    Soooo... how do I contact the staff to have them remove it, please?

  6. I just flagged this for the staff to help you

    What is the domain name you need removed from your account?

  7. mavensnotebook

    Due to legal issues, I don't want to say in public. Is there a way I can tell you privately?

    I did also locate a way to contact JetPack support by email, which I did.

    Thank you for all your help with this, by the way.

  8. Then the staff will contact you by email when they check this thread to make sure everything is taken care of

  9. mavensnotebook

    Yes, legal stuff. Scary lawyer letters and stuff.

    Thank you so much for your help!

  10. You be welcome

  11. Hi there, as you've already been in communication with one of our Happiness Engineers by email, we'll continue the dialogue there.

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