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need to move menu bar item to sidebar

  1. Hi!

    Need urgent help !

    I would like to know how can I add my tutorials (that is on my menu bar)into the category sidebar?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You create a new custom menu in Appearance > Menus, add the tutorial pages to it, and then you add a Custom Menu widget and set it to display that new menu.

  3. Thank you just pi, I followed your instructions - but I would love the Tutorial widget(custom menu widget) to appear as a drop down menu on the sidebar and not as how it appears now all below the widget , how can I make it that way?

  4. You can use this plugin : advanced-menu-widget

  5. @hobnobnoor:
    You're welcome.
    If you mean a dropdown like the one in the Archives widget, I don't think it's possible. If you mean a dropdown like the ones in the top menu, it's probably possible via CSS editing (so you need to ask about it in the CSS forum), but I'm not sure it's the logical thing to do.

    On wordpress.COM we cannot use plugins.

  6. Yes I meant the one in the Archive widget :( never mind I'll ask the css codes in Css forum, but can you tell me something justpi - I am using Adelle theme can I change the yellow color border box on my widgets in sidebar into an image in short can I add image on the widget heading?

  7. Yes, you can replace the color with an image: you can use CSS editing to add a background image to the element.
    But keep in mind that Adelle is responsive: it shrinks to adapt to different screen resolutions and devices, so the sidebar doesn't have a fixed width, so if you use a bg image it has to be a patterned image that can repeat horizontally.

  8. hmmm great tip thanks justpi :)

    I think for time being I would leave the sidebar as it is! In that case what do you suggest should I get a fixed width for my sidebar or leave it as it is?

  9. Personally I hate flexible widths (because they change the arrangement of things), but I suggest you leave your sidebar as it is or it will drop to the bottom in less narrower screens than it does now.

  10. Ok done! Thank you once again justpi :)

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