Need to point my domain (registered through WordPress) at a different IP address

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    I registered the domain when I set up my blog “Putting Democracy to Work” on WordPress last year. Now I’ve built a new site, hosted on GoDaddy, and I want to point the domain at a new IP address. I can not find any way from within my blog Admin panel to access my domain registration information and attach the domain to my new site. Can anyone help? Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is



    PS– I found these instructions:

    But they are not correct. There isn’t anything in my Admin panel that is called “Domain Administration,” nor a link to “Manage Your Domains,” where I can log in and access my domain info / change name servers, etc.

    Would so appreciate help with this. Thanks!


    Here is what the directions on the page linked above said to do:

    Go to Store → Domains in your blog’s Dashboard.
    Look for Domain Administration and change the password.
    Copy or write down your Customer Number.
    Click the Manage Your Domains link.
    Login with your Customer Number and password. If it’s your first time logging in, you will be prompted to create a PIN number.
    You should now be logged in and see a list of your domains.



    I’m also looking for this help and have the same problem as you do.



    If you’ve registered your domain through and now want it to point to a blog or website hosted elsewhere then you can do this by updating the nameservers.



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    First, you’ll need to be logged in as the user who purchased the domain.

    Then, you can update the nameservers to point to your hosting provider’s nameservers following this guide:


    Hi..Is this the same procedure if I want to have a website hosted somewhere else to point to my WordPress domain? Thanks!

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