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Need to provide PayPal info to WordPress

  1. I applied for, and appear to be accepted, for WordAds; ads are now appearing on my site. However, when I applied I hadn't used PayPal in so long I was unsure I even had an account any more. Well, that is resolved: I'm definitely up and running with PayPal.

    Now I need to know how to get that information to you! The only way I know that I am accepted to WordAds is that they are running; I never got a confirmation email so I didn't have a way to request this directly. Can someone help me?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there, your blog has not been approved for WordAds (if it was, you would be able to see the WordAds option under the Settings in your Dashboard and update your payment info there).

    What you might be seeing are ads that are displayed on blogs who have not opted for No Ads feature. We sometimes display advertisements on sites, in order to keep free features free. We try to make the ads discreet and only run them in limited places. If you would like to completely eliminate ads from appearing on your blog, we offer the No-Ads Upgrade:

    You can read more about advertising on here:

  3. I had never seen them before I applied for WordAds, and upgraded to Previously I was

    I guess I will just wait to find out if I am approved?


  4. Hi,
    if I want a video partially viewable to all, and fully viewable to members, which plugins do I need?

  5. @esoileau: are you seeing the ads when logged into Please note that it's possible for ads to appear in your browser that were not placed there by These ads are sometimes caused by malware or a virus, but more often it is due to a browser extension or toolbar that you may have installed in your browser.

    These sites have further explanation and suggestions for eliminating the ads:

    Or, you could make a screenshot of ads you are seeing and upload it to your Media Library so that I could take a look (after you've tried suggestions from the links above).

    For WordAds, our team will be directly in touch if your site is approved, thanks for your understanding.

  6. @indra4uindranil8: for future questions, please start a separate forum thread, this helps prevent confusion from multiple topics.

    if I want a video partially viewable to all, and fully viewable to members, which plugins do I need?

    We don't allow plugins on for security reasons. Plugins are a feature only available for self-hosted blogs provided through You can find out more about this topic here:

    You can browse the plugin directory here:

  7. jenia, I am nearly certain that I was not logged into WordPress when I saw the ads; I logged out to get an idea of what the site looks like to the reader in case it displayed differently to them than it does to me when logged in.

    I suppose I could have malware or a virus, but they seem pretty rare for Mac users. I don't believe I have any toolbars or other browser modifications installed. I'll try to catch a screenshot one of the ads and upload it as you suggest. The one I saw was a Tide video ad.

    I actually am not particularly hopeful I'll be OK'd for WordAds since I'm not exactly burning up the world with traffic. I like to refer to them as my "tens of readers." ;)

  8. If you were logged out, then this could be the reason why you saw the ads. Do let me know if you capture a screenshot (especially if an ad is offensive), and happy blogging!

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