Need to remove "Leave a Reply" on the About Page

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    Our site uses the Contempt theme. By default, this had an “About” link that included a “Leave a Reply” box. I’ve already turned off comments for the blog entries themselves, and I need to remove this “Leave a Reply” function on the About page for what we are doing. I looked in this forum, and there were instructions for removing “Leave a Reply” but those instructions don’t seem to work with our blog.

    Please help, as we need to get this done before Friday. We don’t intend to monitor or respond to comments at this time, and having the box there suggests that we want the comments.


    The blog I need help with is



    That cannot be hidden from displaying without a CSS upgrade. If you have CSS editing experience, you can get the paid custom CSS upgrade and renew it annually. It will allow you to stylize the appearance of themes you find here > Appearance > Themes, but it does not allow you to change the functionality, by editing the underlying template.

    Since there is no official Staff support for the CSS upgrade, and precious little Volunteer support, I recommend that you don’t buy the upgrade unless you have at least moderate understanding of HTML and CSS because you must be prepared to do the work on your own.

    If you are considering purchasing the upgrade, you can go to Appearance > Edit CSS. There wordpress has provided a preview function where you can try before you buy.

    If you do purchase the upgrade be sure to read this article before starting your editing >
    And, please be patient and consult tutorials found here > while waiting for a Volunteer to help you. :)


    Unfortunately, we don’t have time or resources to do the CSS editing, so we’ll have to find a way to work around this issue.

    Is the Leave a Reply page something that is automatically there for the whole theme, or just tied to the default “about” page?. In other words, could we remove the whole “About” page and replace with something else to get rid of the Leave a Reply?

    If that is not possible, I guess the worst case scenario is that we’ll put a comment on that page just above the “Leave a Reply” box saying that, in general, we will not be monitoring the replies, and it is definitely not a comment box for posting messages.



    Please allow me to be clear on this. There are two issues.

    1. Can you disable comments on the whole blog?
    Yes, the default pages for all comment settings is here > Settings > Discussion
    (Also note comments can be set to over-ride the default settings on individual posts and pages.)

    2. Cane you remove the wording “Leave a Reply” which is coded into the template underlying the theme?
    No. But you can hide it with CSS editing.

    Is there any other way to remove that “Leave a Reply””?
    I’m sorry but the answer is “no”.



    Thank you for the definitive answer. We’ll use the work-around approach I mentioned previously.




    You’re welcome. :)


    Or you can change to one of the (many) themes that display no such message – see here:



    All I had to do to remove the “Leave a Reply” box was to go to the Pages section on the left, select the page that contains the reply box, select “Quick Edit”, and uncheck the “Allow Comments” box.



    I’m sorry that I overlooked the obvious. After closing comments on any individual post or page there are phrases that still appear.I thought you wanted to remove the phrase that so many themes have when comments have been closed because we get a lot of questions about removing it. I presumed too much. :(

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