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    I’m stuck halfway through the process of moving my blog form .com to .org, but can’t validate my email at new host due to url forwarding of my registered domain to my blog url. Apparently I need to contact support to have the registered domain removed and forwarding stopped, but it looks like they’re out until Jan 2?

    Is there anyone that can help to resolve this before then?

    Much thanks,


    The blog I need help with is


    @funreaper, yes it can be resolved before Jan 2.

    @jamestraub, what is your registered domain name? Did you purchase it here at

    If yes, then what you need to do is go into your domain management here, set your site here back to the wordpress.COM domain name as primary (see #3 in this support document), and then update your nameservers to point to your new web host. It can take as much as 72 hours for the propagation of the change to make its way around the entire internet, but typically for most people it will be less than 24 hours.



    @thesacredpath, thanks for your response.

    my registered domain is (purchased at

    Prior to posting this thread, I switched my domain in control back to, as well as restore the original DNS settings at godaddy for the domain (it _should_ now point back to the standard un-hosted godaddy landing page).

    BUT, the url continues to re-direct to In the Domains screen of it says “The primary domain for your blog is The other URLs above will redirect to that domain.” as well as “Please contact support if you wish to delete a registered domain.”

    I’d happily pay the money for a guided transfer, however the happiness engineers all appear to be enjoying their holiday break this week (can’t blame em!)



    FWIW, I see as a parked domain at GoDaddy.

    It does take a little while for things to shake down through the Internets and for some reason the domain owner seems to be the last one to see it.

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