Need to renew domain mapping purchased by defunct admin

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    I’m an admin on, which is a hosted site. I need to renew the domain mapping, which expires on 9/20. We’ve got several upgrades, all purchased once upon a time by a user “MJ” who I do not have any contact information for, and who no longer appears as any kind of user on the blog. How can I get ownership of those upgrades transferred to me (or another admin on the blog) and initiate the renewal, ASAP? I’m also working to get the domain name registration renewed with our registrar, as it expires on the same day, and we also don’t have that login information. *sigh*

    The blog I need help with is



    I’ll need to see the request from the owner of the upgrade in order to transfer it.

    Alternatively, you can re-purchase it after it expires.



    Hi, I have a blog with you guys at I have re-purchased the domain name through Namecheap as registrar. I have tried mapping the latter onto the former, but your system keeps saying “Domain name expired, contact support” How can this be resolved please? The mapping of to has already been done from Namecheap’s side. Now it needs to be done from WordPress’ side, so that appears in the url address for my blog hosted with yourselves, instead of Thanks in advance.



    Since the domain is owned elsewhere, you’ll need to map it by adding it via Store -> Domains in your blog’s Dashboard:

    In the future, please start your own thread:

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